We believe every individual is naturally creative and that through the arts this creativity can be developed, nurtured and enriched. We believe that through the arts curriculum children develop awareness of the world around them, they explore colour, pattern, shape, ideas and they experiment with new ideas. We believe that children develop confidence and are able to express themselves in a variety of ways.


At All Saints we provide rich and varied opportunities for all pupils in the Arts to enable pupils to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings. All pupils find success in the arts and their self-esteem is enhanced. High self-esteem is the key to all learning. With high self-esteem come good self-image and inner confidence and the ability to apply success to other areas of learning. The Arts contribute to the quality of life both within and beyond school.


At All Saints we believe that Art can help children express their feelings and emotions and we share the attitude that everyone is good at art. We ensure that all children are confident at art and use the lessons and to express their interests and unique style free from judgment.


1. Art Policy

2. Art Learning Pathway

3. Progression of Art skills

 4. Art Vocabulary