English @ All Saints

Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at All Saints Primary School; teaching a child to read is the greatest gift that we can give a child in our school. Because of this, we see it as a primary purpose of our curriculum. From Early Years to Year 6, we ensure that our children not only learn the skills and knowledge to enable them to read, but also to develop positive life-long dispositions and attitudes towards reading – that will take our children through secondary school and into adulthood.

At All Saints we endeavour to:

🌟Offer high quality environments in and out of the classroom to broaden the children’s minds and stimulate their imaginations

🌟Develop fluency and confidence in reading outloud

🌟Become confident and proficient with reading skills such as retrieval of facts and deducing inferences

🌟Identify similarities between themselves and the characters and authors of our carefully selected reading curriculum

🌟Select their own reading material for their take home books and class reads to generate an excitement around reading

🌟 To share their opinions and beliefs in relation  to texts and topics that come up in books

🌟 Read across all genres and text types

All children should be reading at home daily. This is monitored in school using our reading records and termly rewards. Please see the links below for more information.

Please take time to read our Policy for phonics and reading and writing. This will give you lots of information about how your child’s English skills will develop at All Saints.