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PE Curriculum

P.E. at All Saints Catholic Primary School plays a vital part of everyday school life. All pupils have a minimum of two hours of PE timetabled each week. P.E. offers children a combination of physical education, physical activity and competitive sports. We are also very lucky to have an additional Sports Coach throughout the week who is available for physical interventions and support with competitions.

Our aim is to develop children’s ability in a range of physical activities, to ensure children are able to sustain physical activity for a period of time and encourage children to engage in competitive sports and activities. In doing so, this will enable children to confidently lead healthy, active lives during and beyond school.


Physical education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. This a promise that we make to all children at All Saints. We aim to enable children to make informed choices about physical activities throughout their lives.

At All Saints, physical activity and sport runs through the school with opportunities to participate througout and after the school day. We believe that children who are active and healthy are more likely to be well-motivated, positive children. Through clubs and PE lessons, we deliver a broad range of physical activities to participate are provided which aims to improve the physical, mental and social development of our children. We aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for all children to participate in physical activity during and out of school time.
  • Provide pathways and opportunities for our pupils to excel in sport.
  • Be proud of our individual achievements.
  • Build upon resilience, determination and respect through PE.
  • Strengthen friendships by developing communication, teamwork and confidence
  • Provide quality opportunities for children within and outside of school time.
  • Consistently deliver a high quality of PE utilising the PE Passport.


We use PE Passport to ensure that our PE curriculum challenges pupils to develop physically in a wide range of sports and activities. Children to receive an equal opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports whilst also all receiving the opportunity to develop their safety in water.

All teachers:

  • Will participate in CPD to develop their understanding of the PE Passport to support the teaching of PE
  • Use photography elements within the Passport to provide accurate and insightful feedback and assessment to children.
  • Have high expectations of pupils within the lessons
  • Ensure that all children have an active role within PE lessons and extracurricular activities.
  • Help develop the whole child to ensure they are aided by the thinking, social and life skills as well as the physical side.


  • Children use extracurricular experiences and club links to progress further with sport in the local community and for personal and social development
  • All children have an opportunity to showcase skills in a range of intra, inter and Trust competitions.
  • Children are aware of their responsibility to their physical and mental health and how sport can make an impact on this
  • Teachers provide children with accurate assessments based on learning from high quality PE lessons using the PE Passport.
  • A whole school ethos of celebrating personal and team achievements with sport at the centre whereby during celebration assemblies children receive a ‘All Saints Active Athlete’ certificate

Skills of Progression and PE Pathway

PE Pathway