Religious Education

Teacher, where do you live? Come and see.” (John 1:39)

We follow the ‘Come and See’ Catholic Primary Religious Education Programme. Links are made with the children’s own experiences and the curriculum is adapted to make it purposeful for our children, always meeting them where they are in their spiritual experience.  RE is taught in all classes and, as required by the Bishops of England and Wales, 10% of curriculum time is allocated to teaching RE.

Come and See is an extensive programme which covers a range of challenging themes from EYFS up to Year 6. The topics follow the following format:

  • Explore
  • Reveal
  • Respond

At the end of each theme, the children reflect on what they have learnt through class liturgies.

The programme is delivered through a series of themes:

Autumn Term themes are developed in the light of an understanding of Creation:

  •     Family «Domestic Church
  •     Belonging«Baptism/Confirmation
  •     Loving«Advent/Christmas

Spring Term themes are developed in the light of an understanding of Incarnation:

  •     Community«Local Church
  •     Relating«Eucharist
  •     Giving«Lent/Easter

Summer Term themes are developed in the light of an understanding of Redemption and the work of the Holy Spirit:

  •     Serving«Pentecost
  •     Inter-relating«Reconciliation
  •     World«Universal Church

A more detailed ‘Come and See’ yearly overview is available below

Running alongside the ‘Come and See’ programme are a series of ‘Big Questions’ which are relevant to each RE topic. They demand a more active and engaging approach and encourage child lead enquiry and learning.

Twice each year there is a two-week study on other religions (Judaism, Hinduism or Islam)

A programme of Sex and Relationships Education, ‘A Journey in Love’, is also in use throughout the school.

Parents have a statutory right to withdraw children from lessons in Religious Education, but we do not recommend this, as RE takes place not only in the RE lesson; it pervades the whole ethos of the school. Parents who do not wish their child to take part in RE lessons probably need to consider whether All Saints is the right school for their child, as there is a wide choice of both community and faith schools in the local area.

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