Breakfast Club

The breakfast club is organised by All Saints Catholic Primary School. It is an extended school activity designed to allow children to be in school from 7:45am onwards, to have the opportunity to have a choice of food and drink for a healthy start to the day, and to join in activities on offer. Children are also encouraged to be independent at these times and to make decisions for themselves through the choice of food and drink and to participate in informal activities with each other developing social and interactive skills.

After School Clubs

To enrol your child(ren) in the after school club, a booking form must be completed, please see appendix 1. Sessions for your child(ren) must be selected at time of enrolment. Due to staffing levels, any requests to change sessions must be made no less than half a term in advance. We will do our utmost to accommodate any requests to change sessions, but in order to do this, we do require plenty of notice to ensure staffing levels can be adjusted accordingly.

Please contact Mrs Anderson in the school office if your child would like to take part in any of the activities.

Knitting Club

Every Tuesday 1:30pm – 1pm

Mini Vinnies

Every Tuesday 1:30pm – 1pm

Multi-sports Club

Every Thursday 3:30pm – 4:30pm

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