Pupils in Year 1, 2 and 6 have statutory tests each year.  In Year 2 and Year 6 children undertake statutory assessment tests in English and Maths in May.  In Year 1 children have a statutory test: the phonics screening in June.

The programmes of study within the new National Curriculum set out expectations at the end of each year group and key stage.  All Saints have developed a curriculum relevant to our pupils that teaches the content of the National Curriculum. In Year 1-6, judgements are made by teachers on confidence against Key Performance Indicators based on expectations of a particular year group.

Progress and attainment is reported regularly to parents through parental consultations and through end of year pupil reports.

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All Saints Statutory testing 2020 & 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government decided to cancel primary statutory testing in 2020 and 2021.  Arrangements were put into place to support children at home during this period. Internal assessments took place and teachers at the children’s next stage of learning were fully informed of attainment.

All Saints Statutory test data 2019

The latest official school data refers to 2019 as there is no 2020 data available.
In May 2019, Year 6 children completed their statutory tests in Reading; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Mathematics. There is no statutory test for writing as this is reported as teacher assessment.

In May 2019, Year 2 children completed their statutory tests in Reading and Mathematics. Although test data is not reported externally, these tests are used to support class teacher judgements. There is no statutory test for writing so this is reported as teacher assessment only.

Standardised scores, based on raw scores from the tests, are awarded and have replaced levels. All children have been given a standardised scaled score. 100 is the national standardised score. On the scale, 100 -109 represents that children are working at expectations (EXS). Children working at 110+ are working at Greater depth (GDS).

In June 2019, Year 1 children completed their statutory tests in Phonics.

In June 2019, we also submit data to indicate where pupils leaving Reception are working.  The expected standard for children leaving Reception is reported as GDS (Good level of development).

Attached below is a summary of our 2019 assessment results.

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Key codes of note:

  • ASS = Average scaled score
  • EXS= Children working at expected standard
  • GDS= Children working at greater depth